The Piedirosso is a red grape variety, exclusively produced in Campania, and is not grown outside the region. Its name comes from the morphological features of the grape, the red color of the stalks of the grapes that recalls the colour of the pigeon's leg.

The concentration of polyphenols in wine made from Piedirosso grapes, is lower than the Aglianico one. The tannins are less aggressive than those found in the Aglianico, as well as the total acidity which is lower. In relation to these characteristics, the wine made from the Aglianico Piedirosso is more tannic, less structured, more smooth and balanced, and characterized by olfactory bouquet of red fruits.
The grapes vinified alone, gives rise to the homonymous type varietal wines under DO Sannio and in the subareas of Taburno, of Sant'Agata dei Goti, and of Solopaca and of Guardiolo. Grapes of not a high bud fertility and of not an excessive production, it is raised in expanded forms and high, with a good adaptation to the rearing back. Fairly good resistance to powdery mildew and Botrytis. Maturation occurs in the first or second week of October. The level of sugar juice is fairly high, while the acidity presents average values. The sensory profile of wine grapes Piedirosso, has an intense ruby red colour with violet hues. The aroma is delicate with fruity notes of raspberry, cherry, floral notes of rose, geranium plant notes. The taste is dry, slightly tannic and with good intensity. It is a lovely wine with moderate alcoholic strength, which is accompanied by dishes of pasta or rice with tomato sauce or meat sauce, meat, vegetable soups, with vegetables, meats and cheeses that are not very mature.