Greco del Sannio

With the term “Greco” there are some varieties spread in the southern regions, characterized by several toponyms and synonyms.
Together with Fiano and Falanghina, they represent the most important and popular white grape varieties of the bell-tradition.
Vigorous vine with afforested vegetation. It exhibits low fertility of the buds and low production, medium to late maturation in the traditional cultivation area. It has a good sugar level and high total acidity in the different cultivation environments. It is more sensitive to Botrite attacks during the harvest period. The amount of production is fairly small and constant, especially when cultivated on the back. The sensory profile of the Greco wine is characterized by a lively light straw color. The perfume is floral with a feeling of white peach, apricot, exotic fruit, anise and bitter almond. The taste is dry, fresh, soft enough. Mineral and with good acidity, discreet and balanced body, pleasant. Traditionally accompanied with fresh and salted fish dishes, risotto.