Fiano del Sannio

The presence of Fiano in Campania seems very ancient, as has been shown by numerous studies and the flourishing of many hypotheses about the etymology of his name.
Fiano wine is one of the few Italian wines worthy of aging. Vine of great vigor, it suits to small forms of farming if it is grafted on a sticky seed of poor development. It has a good fertility of the buds and an excessive production, due to the low weight of the bunch. It fits into not very fertile soils, it prefers hilly terrain and hot and dry climates. The most common form of cultivation is Vertical Guyot type. Because of the thick skin of the acorn, it has good resistance to Botrite, despite the harvesting time being rather late: early on October, late September in the hottest areas. It can achieve high sugar gradation and high total acidity. The sensory profile of Fiano grape wine is characterized by a pale straw yellow color. The perfume is persistent floral with white fishing experience, exotic fruit, hazelnut. Taste is a structured wine with good acidity, which traditionally accompanies fish and crustaceans, white meats and risottos, vegetable dishes.