Aglianico is the most popular red grape variety in the Sannio Beneventano. It perfectly identifies the Samnite viticulture, having been cultivated for centuries in areas with a greater commitment to the province, where it is perfectly adapted to different environment hills. The age-old cultivation of the grape has selected the Aglianico biotype Amaro, that produces some of the most established and prestigious Samnite wines, first of all the Aglianico of Taburno D.O.C.G. in its red, pink (the first Rosè wine D.O.C.G. in Italy) and reserve type, produced in 13 Samnite municipalities. But beyond the area of Taburno, Aglianico is the main grape wine production of considerable worthiness, such  as the Sannio D.O.C. and in the sub-areas of Sant'Agata dei Goti, Solopaca and Guardiolo. Full-bodied grapevine, with discrete fecundity of its gems and of abounding production. It fits well to the espalier farming and to the different rootstocks. It may submit cases of bunch green millerandage, but has good resistance to Botrytis and less to powdery mildew. The levels of sugar and acidity of the grape harvest, which occurs between the first and third week of October are high enough. The sensory profile of wines from Aglianico, has an intense and lively ruby red color, which tends to darken with age. The scent is subtle, complex with fruit notes of blackberry, plum, floral notes of violet, spicy notes of licorice, cloves and black pepper. The taste is dry, tannic and of good structure and persistence. It is an important wine, which is accompanied by structured foods, red meat and cheese, not spicy, but it is also a great sipping wine.